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grandpa’s house.02 (by elizabeth sarah)

Yes I go to Penn State.

No I am not a rapist.

No I do not support child molestation.

No I do not believe rioting is the answer to our problems.

No I do not think that the correct action was taken in 2002.

Yes, I love my school. I love Joe Paterno, and have more respect for him for admitting there was ‘more he could have done’ and owning up to his mistake.  He is taking more fall for this than Jerry Sandusky, and that, I believe, is a tragedy.

I’m really sorry; between classes and homework and this sickness I hardly have time to eat and sleep, let alone have any time to myself:(  I miss the days when I could be on Tumblr for hours.  Now I’m so congested and worn out that all I want to do is drop out of college and sleep my life away:(


Fuori al sicuro (by ValeriaYOU)

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The Thimble Mountains (by Annarack)


My daily dose of still life (by *December Sun)
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